Divine Embodiment Flower & Crystal Essence

Divine Embodiment Flower & Crystal Essence



How do we consciously embody Heaven on Earth? How do we slow down enough to actualize this reality? How do we cultivate this divinity within ourselves?

While this journey may not always be the easiest, the awareness, once it comes, is something so simple. We are divine beings with a direct channel to the One. All we need to do is open to receive.

This Flower & Crystal Essence is a beautiful offering for supporting our Divine Embodiment. Soaked under the Sun & Full Moon in Sagittarius it marries the Divinity within and brings forth the Truth of your own unique presence.


This tree is one of the most ancient beings on Earth. Present before even bees, she evolved to be pollinated by beetles. Her intoxicatingly fragrant blossoms are sent straight from Heaven to bring us closer to the Ancestral Wisdom of her very nature. Her flowing branches offer a skirt of leaves to snuggle under near the open circle created around her trunk, to offer us that blessed Sacred Pause for rest and contemplation. She invites you to connect with your own ancient wisdom accumulated over lifetimes on this Earth while simultaneously connecting with divine  Celestial Beings above.


This stunning crystal offers us the opportunity to find serenity by resting in the Truth of our Higher Selves. We access this through her medicine that reminds us of the constant communion available to us with the Heavens.


This crystal carried the vibrations of the Celestial Realms to Earth. What a generous gift of eyes, heart, and mind wide open to relieve Spiritual Blindness.

"You won't be able to observe the coming of the kingdom of heaven. People are not going to be able to say, "Look here it is!" or "look there!" No, the kingdom of heaven is in your PRESENCE." Luke 17:20 - 21

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