Breast Love Infused Oil

Breast Love Infused Oil

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Breast massage is a vital self health care practice. I like to use my lymphatic herbs infused into oil to elevate this practice. When I get out of the bath or shower, I take time for a breast massage with this oil. This gives me information about my breast health as well as taking the medicinal application of the herbal oil to work as support for my breast tissues. The breasts have a concentration of lymphatic cells and using herbs with this specific lymphagogue action really helps to get the lymph flowing and moving. This is vital for immune response and waste removal. Plus, our breasts deserve all of this love from the massage and plant medicine. This herbal oil is great for other lymphatic massage applications on the whole body as well.

This organic olive oil is infused with:

violet leaf + flower

dandelion leaf + flower

red clover blossoms

purple dead nettle

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