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Love Potion is an herbal aphrodisiac formula designed to uplift and shift your intimate experiences. This blend is made for anyone looking to settle in and enjoy sacred love with their partner. Infused into local honey and gluten free alcohol, these herbs will open the heart, calm the mind, and stimulate in all the right places. Ceremonial grade cacao gets blood flowing and hearts opening. Combined with ceremonial grade kava kava root, these work on the pleasure centers in the brain releasing a cascade of neurotransmitters & hormones that get us into our bodies & feeing fine. Kava also uplifts mood and relaxes our body. Shatavari, the Queen of Ayurvedic herbs, bring juiciness and divine flow to the body. Ginkgo circulates blood flow in all the right places, while Pine Pollen supports healthy testosterone production which is vital for everyone’s sexual health. Passionflower calms the mind and a racing heart to bring us fully into the present moment. To that I’ve elevated the formula even further by adding Rose flower & Rose Quartz essences to activate the heart chakras and flood the body with love.

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