• Image of Flower & Crystal Essences

An amazing combination of various flower, stone, & crystal essences to bring forth bioregional vibrational medicine from my heart to yours!

I will update this listing with various essences as I bottle them. I am also available for consults for custom blends.

These essences work on the emotional body. They are safe and subtle, but provide for huge shifts in how our emotions can manifest. Often, essences like these are used for fear, anxiety, during times of transition and change, to shift and uplift mood, to heal traumas, and so much more! Gentle enough to use with children and pets as well.

Passionflower+Amethyst: spiritual connection, tapping into the divine, calms anxious hearts and racing minds, soothing & peaceful

Rose+Rose Quartz: heart opening, divine love, protective & health boundaries, soothes the heart, calms digestive upset/nervous stomach, ultimate self-love

Anemone+Quartz: uplifting, stops anxiety in its tracks, lighthearted joy, ease, release

Coming Soon