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July's Red Tent: Diving Deep & Tapping IN

July's Red Tent is exploring the healing art of the shamanic journey.

When you began to understand the basics of the shamanic journey, the world that you know will be open to infinite possibilities. Learning how to journey is one of the most fundamental tools for esoteric healing, deep meditation, shamanic journeys, dream work, and so much more. In this Red Tent, we will learn practices for journeying safely in order to grow your own spiritual guidance and intuition.

We will talk about working with power animals/plants/stones and other spirit guides. In previous Red Tents, we have worked a lot with sound, and we will show you how sound can take you deeper into a journey as well as lead you to other places. Shamanic journeying can help to guide you in soul retrieval, remove spiritual blockages, retrieve lost power, and connect you to your ancestors. Journeying will also serve as a foundation for future journey work in many Red Tents to come.

Please bring something to write in for this Red Tent. There can be so much wonderful and healing information that comes through in a journey, and it is important to write it down as soon as you can.

Guests: $45
Members: $35