I am continually seeking educational opportunities to further my knowledge and experience to better my formulations. Over the years, I have offered suggestions, advice, and shared my wisdom through many text messages, emails, social media groups, and personal interactions . This is a way to pay it forward to help me, help you. I love offering suggestions and recommendations from a functional herbalism approach. This means I must stay up to date on the latest medical research, labs, nutritional information, lifestyle modifications, and more. This, on top of always continuing my plant medicine knowledge, takes time and lots of money. I am ever so grateful for your support to continue my work & further my education through conferences, classes, internships, and intensives. If i had even $1 for every lovingly sent text or message, I could expand my knowledge with multiple workshops each year. This donation fund also is used to pay it forward to those in need of plant medicine, but that have financial hardships. During the last decade, I have shared my medicines with many for little or no cost when needed. Plant medicine is the People's medicine. Every penny donated will further this cause! with much love & extreme gratitude, thank you! mandi