Herbs for Lughnasadh

Wheel of the Year Herbs & Medicine Musings for the Celtic Festival of Lughnasadh or Lammas


Lughnasadh or Lammas is a Celtic feast day celebrated on August 1st marking the transitional midpoint between Summer Solstice & Autumn Equinox. This is the first in a series of harvest festivals and is often associated with the Celtic Sun King, Lugh, and the Goddess in her aspect of Harvest Queen.

All in honor of his Mother, Lugh celebrates all month long through feasting, circle dancing, and general merrymaking with his community. Beautiful harvest & feasting rituals take place as the sunlight begins to shift taking on more golden tones of Autumn, yet with its full heat to remind us to stay present to Summer.

The Harvest Queen is honored in all her glory. The abundance of the season abounds. Seeds and grains are collected to put away for winter stores as well as properly saved for next year’s plantings. The beauty medicine of this season comes from wisdom in the fulfillment of the present harvest already holds, at its very HEART, the seeds of all harvests yet to come.

That’s juicy, y’all!!

Abundance from the Great Mother, the Great Father, is ever present and the time is now that we prepare ourselves not just for this year’s harvest, but also for collecting seeds of encoded wisdom for the journey to come.



Juicy and vibrant, protective and wise, this fruit comes encoded with Celestial Divinity & Ancient Gnosis of how to care for ourselves


Allows us to surrender to the intense heat of late summer with a reminder that the flames of transformation bring Abundance, Renewal, and Intoxicating Beauty Medicine


Offers a remembrance that the Innate Wisdom from the Motherline which is brought forth from the Sun, spirals out from the very center of our Being


Encourages us to Stand Tall & bring forth our unique medicine offerings even in the face of adversity, old stories, & mistruths

Black Moon in Leo, Lughnasadh, Lions' Gate, Motherwort, & Black Obsidian

Black Moon in Leo, Lughnasadh, Lions' Gate, Motherwort, & Black Obsidian