Herbs for Imbolc

Herbs for Imbolc

Imbolc Blessings!! Traditions all over the world celebrate this halfway point between Winter Solstice & Spring Equinox. Saint Brigid’s Day, Candlemas, and even Groundhog Day are all festival names associated with this particular time.

Imbolc is a Celtic holy day that literally translates to “in the belly of the mother”. We are beginning to see signs of Spring everywhere. Little seedlings sprouting from Mother Earth and the welcomed return of the Light from Father Sun.

In our family, we celebrate with a feast and by making candles to use throughout the year. We like to add dried plants to our beeswax candles, typically choosing 1 to represent winter & 1 to symbolize Spring. This is usually cedar or rosemary & rose petals or lavender buds. We will celebrate tomorrow with friends.

Herbs for Imbolc:

*Rosemary to enliven your spirits & to hold a space for ancestral remembrance.

*Ginkgo to get blood circulating through your body.

*Shatavari to nourish & moisten after a drying & cold winter.

*Reishi to cultivate the life & light that comes from death & rebirth.

What herbs do you find yourself drawn to this time of year?

Beautiful hexagonal crystal beeswax candle birthed just in time for Imbolc by Ali at Dreaming The Bee 

These herbs and more con be found online in the shop in various formulas as well as single herb extracts or custom blended formulas under the “custom” listing.

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