Spring Equinox Blessings


Spring Blessings on this beautiful day that is potentiated by a Full Supermoon in Libra tonight. Lots of alignments today as we step into Aries season, the beginning of the Astrological New Year.

A Full Moon in Libra coinciding with the Equinox brings the message of BALANCE. How perfect is it that on the day of equal light & dark, we greet a Supermoon with in the sign of Balanced Scales. Not too long ago, someone shared their feelings titled Balance is Bullsh*t. My heart ached for those women. Let me tell you, when we move through life from a place of rest and free from the bindings of patriarchy, we find balance. It doesn’t mean there aren’t times of chaos or that life isn’t full. What it means is that we know how to keep ourselves grounded and nourished. We know when to say YES and we know when to say NO.

My wish for you & yours on this first day of Spring is that you slow down and enjoy at least a few moments today from a place of gratitude for all that has bloomed in your life and the many, beautiful blooms to come.


Dandelion: brings strength & resilience, represents all aspects of cosmology: the Light, the Dark, and the important in between

Violet: beauty medicine, increases lymphatic flow, energetic and spiritual heart center nourishment

Red Clover: aids to balance our endocrine system, supports the liver, protection against toxins physically, energetically, & spiritually

Prickly ash: brings warmth, circulation, and flow, brings back the tingle to our lives

Astragalus: enhances & restores vital energy or Qi, seals off any energetic, spiritual, and physical leaks


Spring Weedies Green Juice