New Year, New Site

I’ve spent most of the winter transitioning to a new hosting site. This gives you and me loads of new benefits and features. Shipping integration is a huge help for us all! Now, shipping notifications and tracking numbers will automatically be emailed to you. You also now can create a customer account which allows for easy tracking of orders, subscription capabilities, secure info storage so that you don’t always have to re-enter while purchasing, and future access to online courses! Speaking of…this year and the coming years, I am excited to begin offering online classes, events, and more. I’ll be collaborating with Ali Pinion of Dreaming the Bee as well to offer online opportunities. Ali and I are also extending our collaborative reach to include in-person classes, retreats, ceremonies, and rites of passaged. More will come soon on that aspect!

I have lots swirling for the future. Stay tuned! The best way to connect is the email newsletter list. I will promise you that I won’t blast your inbox constantly….right now, I am committed to a once a month missive at most! AND for a limited time, when you sign up for the email list, you’ll get a 10% off coupon. WOOHOO!



Herbs for Imbolc

Herbs for Imbolc