Mandi Sanders is a community herbalist with a focus on family care and women's health. Her formal educational background includes a degree in Psychology with an interest in Nutritional Therapy. Food served as her gateway into her journey of holistic living and soon, she began supporting her own health with plant medicine. She has studied plant medicines from various perspectives and teachers over the last 11 years and finds herself consistently in awe of this powerful medicine. 

Mandi is passionate about holistic, conscious living and also serves in her community as a post-partum doula, children's yoga teacher, and facilitator of various Rites of Passage ceremonies. She facilitates a Natural Family Living educational series and teaches workshops on herbalism, conscious living, and more. In her community, Mandi is a passionate advocate for local foods, homebirth, breastfeeding, and mothering support. She co-founded MS Friends of Midwives, a local natural parenting group and local homeschool co-op, is a La Leche League Leader, and has served on the state board for Gaining Ground Sustainbility Institute of MS and the board of directors for The Homestead Education Center in Starkville. Mandi and her family served on the forefront of sustainable, local food in Mississippi and has organized various Farm to table fundraisers for her local community. Additionally, Mandi, along with community herbalist Lindsay Wilson, co-founded Sweet Gum Springs Apothecary in 2012. There, she developed Mississippi's first herbal CSA program and modern herbal apothecary before leaving the business just prior to the birth of her 3rd child. 

Mandi enjoys life with her partner, Will, and mothering & homeschooling their 3 children. She and her family enjoy cultivating their urban edible yard and gardens, backyard chickens, and exploring the natural world. 

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