• Image of Summer Survival Mini-Share

By popular demand, I’m offering a survival kit of some of my must-haves for warm weather! This will be offered as a made to order item ONLY. This will result in potential 1-2 week turnaround and processing time. This will not include an info-letter like my CSA shares, but everything has instructions on the labels.

This mini-share kit includes:
*4 ounce bottle of my herbal bug spray- must have to keep pesky mosquitos and ticks at bay! (Safe for use on little ones and during pregnancy)
*4 ounce tin of mama’s magic green cream- essential for all the bumps, bites, stings, and scrapes that outdoor adventures can bring!
*1 Oz bottle of my Poison Ivy (oak/sumac) Relief- perfect for topical application to clear up a run in with the potent Mrs. Ivy and her itchy, oozy friends